Mobility Services

Mobility Practice

ABLe Communications has 23 years of experience working with clients to support their teledata needs, deploying wireless infrastructure that was designed by others. Our mobility practice now allows us to expand our core competency by adding management and leadership along with experienced wireless engineers, giving us full responsibility for the complete solution.

We have partnered with numerous manufacturers of wireless technology, giving us the ability to sell Ruckus, Aerohive, and Samsung and provide the engineering and installation for many others, including Cisco/Meraki and Aruba. With all of our design, survey, and implementation resources in-house, we eliminate added issues with contractors, costs, scheduling, and quality, and we make it easier and less costly for business owners to deploy a wireless solution.

Wireless Remediation Services

Wireless network performance is vital in the digital age. Mobility devices and solutions allow workers to perform more efficiently, which boosts financial and client satisfaction.

Wireless networks are designed with or develop issues over time due to failing access points, configuration issues or bugs, new interference from other devices or networks, growing numbers of devices, added mobility applications on existing networks, and changes in the physical characteristics of the environment.

Just like everything else, a wireless network must be maintained and tuned periodically to ensure that it continues to provide the benefits for which a company paid in the beginning. ABLe Communications works with clients to provide a cost-effective approach to evaluating and documenting issues with wireless networks and enacting repairs.

Wireless Replacement and Infrastructure Upgrades

Different companies replace their existing wireless infrastructure at different intervals; for some, it may be every three years; for others, it may be five; some may go as long as seven years before upgrading. The duration between upgrades is influenced by how well the network is performing, the type of business, and the upgrades and performance enhancements that are newly available. Regardless of how often you replace your wireless infrastructure, it is inevitable that you will replace it.

ABLe Communications works with our existing clients and our potential clients to help them determine when it’s time to upgrade. We also assist in designing and implementing their new wireless network if they have recently upgraded. Wherever you are in the process of upgrading – whether you’re determining the right wireless solution to deploy or looking to implement a solution you’ve already chosen – we can help.

We combine mobility resources with the experience to design your wireless network, the in-house skills to implement the ideal network to meet your needs, and the ability to make all cabling and closet upgrades required. We recognize the importance of considering mobile users, BYOD, guest access, voice services, QoS, analytics, and a host of other critical elements when designing your wireless network. By working with your IT department and different business units to understand the impact of a wireless network on your company, we get a complete understanding of what your business needs to accomplish with your new wireless network. Our approach makes ABLe Communications an ideal partner when it’s time for an upgrade.

Large offices, warehouses, and distribution centers will always require some component of active site survey tactics, but if your company has hundreds or even thousands of smaller facilities across the country that need to be upgraded, we can implement less costly approaches that still deliver the quality wireless network that your business demands.

We work with you and factor in your input as we assess each opportunity and determine the best approach for survey, design, and implementation services. Working with you allows us to deliver the highest quality solution while keeping your budget in mind.

Many wireless network upgrades are performed at the same time as a refreshment and replacement of routers and switches in all facilities. ALBe Communications can provide these services as part of a single engagement and complete the mobility and infrastructure renewal on time and on budget, whether you have a single large facility, a large facility with multiple satellite offices, or many facilities scattered throughout the United States. Our approach to your project guarantees success.

New Construction Wireless Design and Deployment

In the construction of new buildings, a mobility component is critical to the success of tenants, owners, management, staff, partners, and guests. Designing the right mobility solution from the beginning is imperative for meeting or exceeding performance expectations while reducing cost by building out the wireless network prior to move-in.

Mobile technologies, devices, and applications allow wireless resources to do more work in less time. ABLe Communications is an expert in designing and implementing these solutions during the construction process. We leverage mobility experience and talent combined with in-house resources to build out copper, fiber, and closet infrastructure, allowing us to provide turnkey services with high quality installation and complete ownership of the final product.

Having a wireless network built to leverage both predictive and active design services and providing a dependable wireless network from day one is critical to a smooth transition into a new facility. After the move, a secondary approach of site tuning and coverage validation ensures the performance of the wireless network as changes in the environment are introduced with furniture, equipment, people, and other potential points of interference.

ABLe Communications works with both the client and the general contractor to design a wireless network that meets the needs of the business, meets the needs of the future tenant or owner, and keeps the project on schedule and within budget. Our physical layer installation resources can provide teledata support for everything within the facility or just for the wireless network. All wireless technology and other network equipment is installed by our experienced personnel to ensure a consistently high quality in installation that adheres to the expectations of both the client and the general contractor.

Our Mission

Keeping you and your company connected to your world because staying connected is essential to success.

We will connect your company to commerce through the design, build and support of telecommunication, AV integration and security systems.

Our desire and drive is to create innovative and quality solutions to keep you connected to what is important to you in your world. Today and beyond.