Audio/Visual Services

Choosing ABLe Communications

Clear Project Understanding
Understanding the systems, their intended use, and the skill level of the end user are key in a successful integration project. This understanding is vital for proper operation and servicing over the lifetime of the system and its successful use by the owner.
Broad Project Management
Our managers have specific expertise in data, video, and audio systems design and installation techniques, and we combine this experience with project management software to ensure that our interface with the design team, tradesmen, and owner is smooth and efficient for every project.
Experienced Technical Crew
ABLe Communications delivers highly skilled technicians for specific applications to ensure success in completing diverse and complex projects. The company consistently trains key employees for this important aspect of our business.
Certification and Verification
We test, verify, and certify all cabling and system components, both during fabrication and prior to substantial completion. A final verification test report is included in the as-built documentation.
Customer Satisfaction
The dedication and effort of our team is the foundation of our company. ABLe Communications is known throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a systems integrator with high regard for our customers. We have a strong presence in the industry, as our presence in several major trade publications attests; some have featured our work several times in the past few years. Our team includes some of the brightest, most experienced technicians and engineers in the professional audio and video industry, with specific experience in performance audio systems and sophisticated audio/visual systems. The expertise and commitment of the team at ABLe Communications ensures customer satisfaction.

Project Development

Design/build engineering is the most efficient way to incorporate the latest technology into a project at the most effective price. Accurate design/build engineering requires diverse systems knowledge and a consistent, concerted effort. We implement our design/build process in four phases:

1. Design Phase
Discovering Customer Needs


  • Needs assessment and facility use analysis
  • Customer skill and capability analysis
  • Vision and technology match analysis
  • Initial budget development
  • Conceptual system design
  • Architectural impact report
2. Engineering Phase
Proving the Design with Detailed Engineering


  • Product specification and customization
  • Design team coordination
  • Architectural requirements (power, conduit, rigging, etc.)
  • Comprehensive cost proposal
  • Construction documentation (AutoCAD and BIM)
  • Acoustical analysis
3. Build Phase
Implementing the System with Proven Techniques


  • Equipment procurement
  • Fabrication and preliminary verification tests
  • Construction management and coordination
  • System installation, testing, and commissioning
  • Owner/operator training
  • Test reports and as-built documentation
4. Service Commitment
Protecting the Client’s Investment


  • Initial use setup and operation
  • Advanced follow-up training
  • Preventative maintenance and system adjustment (6 months)
  • Final preventative maintenance and system adjustment (1 year)

Services and Capabilities

Systems Integration

ABLe Communications has experience in the installation, testing, and service of a broad range of communication technologies, including:

Audio/Visual Systems

  • Multimedia presentation systems
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Information display systems
  • Control system programming
  • Internet-based remote system control

Audio Systems

  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • Acoustic enhancement systems
  • Digital audio transport technology
  • Distributed speaker systems (paging, BGM, speech privacy)
  • DSP-based signal processing

Video Systems

  • C/Ku band satellite
  • CATV/MATV distribution
  • Image magnification
  • Digital video streaming

The staff at ABLe Communications are experienced and factory-trained in audio, video, and control system technologies. We also encourage affiliations with top industry organizations, including:


  • Audio Engineering Society
  • InfoComm International
  • International Communications Industry Association
  • National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies
  • National Systems Contractors Association
  • Syn-Aud-Con
Design/Build Consultation
  • Needs assessment
  • System concept design
  • Systems engineering
  • Budget development and analysis
  • Project management and construction management
  • Project coordination
  • System commissioning

Our Mission

Keeping you and your company connected to your world because staying connected is essential to success.

We will connect your company to commerce through the design, build and support of telecommunication, AV integration and security systems.

Our desire and drive is to create innovative and quality solutions to keep you connected to what is important to you in your world. Today and beyond.